Selected Journal Publications

TSR Online (The Southampton Review) - “Consent” (forthcoming)
Sycamore Review - "Sudbury Community Garden" (forthcoming)
ZYZZYVA - "Northern California," “Practice” 
Boyfriend Village (Black Warrior Review) - “Amends”
TriQuarterly - "Altar"
The Journal - "Evidence" 
The Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day - "On Anger" 
Rattle - "Seeing My Father's Penis" 
The Boiler - "Siam Delight" 
Salamander - "In the Walk-In" 
Diode - "Androgyny," "Capricorn Season," "Yucatán"
Baltimore Review - "You Watch Me Wishing I Were Twice as Good
Zone 3 - "For Peter," "Brooklyn"
Poetry East - "Autumn"
West Branch - "Our Bike Trip" 
Fjords Review - "Honing," "Seeing You on Facebook," "At the Artists Colony"
Tampa Review - "Blueberry Picking" 
Hayden's Ferry Review - "Salem" 
The Carolina Quarterly - "Point Reyes" 
Mud Season Review - "A Girl & Her Dog"
Natural Bridge - "For My Mother," "Nude Beach" 
The Cape Rock - "Mirabella Pool" 
Painted Bride Quarterly - "Off the Coast"
Banshee - "My Mother Rolls Me a Joint When She Visits Me in California" 
Blue Lyra Review - "February Cove," "Playing Fetch"
the minnesota review - "My First Job" 
Fifth Wednesday Journal "Barn Shoes" 
Glassworks - "Firefly" 
Columbia Poetry Review "Leaving the Tamaracks" 
Chicago Quarterly Review - "Advice," "Psilocybin"  
The Shallow Ends - "Nests" 
Nepantla - "My Father, Swimming
The Portland Review  - "Life Science," "Learning About Boys," "Temperance"
Really System - "Phlebotomy"   
Freshwater - "Night Swimming"  
Mom Egg Review - "Hunger"  
Juanna Ficción - "Empire Beauty School," "For Rosalie," "Our Poultry Season"
       (co-translated into Spanish with Sol Colmenares Rodríguez ) 


Ungatherable Things: A Word Portland Anthology: "Mirabella Pool," "Honing," "Our Bike Trip" (forthcoming)
Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse: "Full Belly Farm" 
Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out: "Songs Feet Can Sing"
Wide Awake: 52 Writers Share Their A-ha! Moments
All We Can Hold: Poems of Motherhood: "Layers," "Our First Pie"


West Branch - Interview by Gari Eberly and Nora Kamerow
Mass Poetry - Getting to Know Rage Hezekiah by Claire Laine
Mass Poetry - 10 Questions by Sara Siegel